How To Add Domains Manually in DomainsHook?

It is very easy to add domains manually without API account in DomainsHook. Although, we don't recommend adding domains manually without API accounts but if you have domains from registrars we don't support then you can add domains manually.

We are working really hard to support all major registrars and regularly add new registrars with time. So, if you have domains from supported registrars the we recommend to use API account instead.

Adding Domains Manually in DomainsHook

1. Just visit Add Domains page and enter one domain per line as shown below and click Add Domain(s) button.

2. After your domains are added, you will be moved to Domains Status screen where you will the status of domains. Which means, under "Added Domains" section, you will see all the domains successfully added and Under "Unable to add some domains" , you will see domains which we aren't able to add.


1. Why i'm unable to add some domains?

All the domains which are failed to add will be shown under Unable to add some domains section. The reason for the fail might be due to that domain might be available for registration or it might be from unsupported domain extension.

2. Do you support all domain extensions?

We support almost all major TLD's and other extensions. 

3. Why adding API accounts are better than adding domains manually?

If you add domains manually, you will miss all the major features such as DNS management, viewing domain details and more. Soon you will be able to automatically for all newly registered domains. So, we recommend API account method instead of this.
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